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First of all, I would like to represent Minh Quan TMC Company Limited to send the respectful greeting and sincere thanks to you

Minh Quan Trade And Mechanical Construction Company Limited was established in 2012 to now. There were the support and help from customers and partners along with capacity, extensive relationship and expriences of founders as well as the solidarity and effort of all employees. Minh Quan Trade And Mechanical Construction Company Limited had been proud to have continuous innovation to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunity to create the development background for business quickly and sustainably. Now, Minh Quan Trade And Mechanical Construction Company Limited is gained the trust and satisfaction of customer through the implemention for the projects follow Safety – Quality – Environment – Schedule.

To promote the strengths, competitive advantages, grasp and take advantage of opportunities in our respective segment, Minh Quan Trade And Mechanical Construction Company Limited made the long-term business strategies as well as the clear plans of objective for each development stage in order to make the commitment to bring more values for members, customers and partners.

With the achievements which we gained in the last years as well as we brought the values to the community and society. These were encourgements and motivations for us to continue confidently and firmly implement the mission: Bring the trust, reputation and pride for commnunity of mechanical field in Vietnam and global.

At the same time to insure the subtainable development process of business, we always focus the construction and development the business culture and specialize to focus the human development strategy“Unity, honesty, openness, cooperation,consciousness to improve ourselve”  as a core value of the Company.
Along with the business philosophy as above, we always “FIRMLY BELIEVE, BUILD THE FUTURE” as well as will unite together to turn the opportunity of today Company to become the growth true and development in future. Minh Quan always desire to become a reliable partner with you. And we always respect as well as record the comments from our partners as well as customers to accumulate more experiences to improve ourselve than.

We wish you success in your career as well as your life


VO VAN HUE                      

GENERAL DIRECTOR               

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